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Here at ProTec Dive Centers we are HUGE fans of the Sidewinder by KISS Rebreather.

Finally a unit that's so fast and easy to be assembled. It can be put together in minutes and then be added to any XDeep Stealth 2.0 in even less time. Its so basic and easy to understand, trouble shooting and emergency responses are fast and logical which makes it truly a rebreather for anyone!! And the best...its so incredible light weight!

The Sidewinder allows you to have two completely independent bail out tanks which is a game changer in its self for sidemount rebreathers. That pair with the configuration of the rebreather it feels no different than sidemount diving. The popularity of the this rebreather keeps growing and growing, its easy to see why. 

The KISS Spirit Sidewinder Includes:

- 1 mounting plate (if required), 1 off board accessory whip.

- 1 gas addition addition scrubber head: 1 scrubber head elbow, 1 KISS original automatic diluent valve, 1 hose quick connect tower, 1 index mark, 1 threaded ring, 4 springs.

- 1 sensor scrubber head: 1 main display port with fischer cable hardwired, 1 hose quick connect tower, 1 index mark, 1 threaded ring, 4 springs, 1 sensor attachment plate, 1 bronze nut, 1 exhaust valve, wiring for 3 sensors. 

- 2 scrubber canister’s which include for each canister: base with a attachment screen, top screen, protective black coating.

- 1 manual add valve (MAV) set which includes: 1 MAV & filter, 2 oxygen rated hoses.


- 1 cylinder side off board gas accessory for the diluent cylinder.

- 1 custom Spirit Sidewinder counterlung, with 1 set (2) black circ clips.

- 1 oxygen first stage with delrin plug & OPV installed.

- 2, retractable loop hoses with, 4 quick connect hose stubs.

- 1 thumb drive manual.


Does Not Include:

- oxygen cylinder

- diluent/bailout cylinder and first/second stage

- PPO2 display/computer

- Pressure Gauges

- 3 K-22D sensors

- sidemount harness - The Sidewinder will will with most, but not all sidemount harness'. We highly recommend pairing the KISS Sidewinder with an Xdeep Stealth 2.0 harness. 

- secondary display port - added upon request. 



Fischer cable to the secondary display port: $390

HUD to the secondary display port: $1,080

Shearwater NERD: $2,500

Shearwater Petrel ‐ PPO2 mode only: $600

*NOTE: this is upgradable to a full Petrel

Shearwater Petrel dive computer: $1,495

Shearwater Petrel with 4‐pin connector: $1,895

Shearwater NERD with 4‐pin connector: $2,800

Shearwater cable, with 4‐pin connector (includes strain relief): $305

Syntactic foam lining , black coating with insulation: $350

K‐22D oxygen sensors, minimum order is 3: $109 each

Cell Spliters (required for all systems using two displays): $43 each

Substitute a Dual Button Manual Add Valve ‐ instead of original single button manual add valve:

Upgrade to Omni dual button manual add valve, add $ 182.00 Additional connectors and LP hoses required. See parts price sheet for details.

Upgrade to KISS dual button manual add valve, add $ 90.00 Additional LP inflator hose required.

How To Order:

As the main importer of KISS rebreathers here in Mexico we have helped many divers with ordering their Sidewinder, having it built how you want and getting it to Mexico safe and sound. Please send an email to  and we will arrange a meeting where we can discuss your potential purchase and training if needed, any upgrades you would like and we are happy to share with you our preferences for how we configure the Sidewinder.