About Us

 ProTec Dive Centers was originally founded in Playa Del Carmen in 2001. Ever since then we have been open all year round offering everything from cave and technical training to equipment rentals, CCR support, logistics support and much more! 

In 2011 we opened our second store in Tulum which has been a huge success. Over the years we have been expanding and improving the facilities, most recently we have added accommodation right above the shop - so you can roll out of bed and go cave diving!

We are a multinational team of passionate, highly skilled instructors and that love to share our knowledge with others and cave dive as much as we can. Our team have been involved in the design and development of several pieces of highly specialised diving equipment over the years, as well as various expedition projects worldwide. 

We continue to lead the market using cutting edge tools and techniques while combining them with solid team training practices and concepts and introduce our experience to others in our Playa Del Carmen and Tulum stores. 

For more information about our products contact store@protecdivecenters.com