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KISS Rebreathers is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  They have been building and designing rebreathers since 1995, with the first units being sold in 1999.

The company philosophy of keeping it simple is applied to all products designed and built by KISS Rebreathers. 

We have developed a particular fondness for Kiss' newest rebreather on the market: The Sidewinder. We cannot begin to describe how epic it is. A true sidemount rebreather that allows for you to carry 2 bail out tanks whilst staying as streamlined as you would be diving OC sidemount!

Finally a unit thats so fast and easy to be assembled. It can be put together in minutes and then be added to any XDeep Stealth 2.0 in even less time. Its so basic and easy to understand, trouble shooting and emergency responses are fast and logical which makes it truly a rebreather for anyone!!! And the best...its so incredible light weight thats its not even funny!!!
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